how to turn off avast free antivirus

Avast Antivirus:- The software is an antivirus application meant to prevent malware such as viruses, computer worms, spyware, botnets, rootkits, keyloggers, etc. Antivirus software. AV applications are used to search for viruses on your computer, identify them and eradicate them. It is essential to install an antivirus to prevent malware attacks and viruses on your PC. This is why most individuals decide to acquire an antivirus to ensure that the system is secured after testing a specific brand. Only when other software is installed may your machine stop antivirus protection. This is going to occur. Here’s the way you may entirely delete the application from Avast Antivirus. All shields are simultaneously deactivated.

  • Step 1: Please find the Windows taskbar for the Avast orange icon and right-click to view the Avast antivirus settings.
  • Step 2: Go to the shields in Avast and choose one of the above, which means disabling the securities for an hour and a dozen minutes.
  • Step 3: By clicking on “Ok,” confirm your preferred option; you’ll then stop all shields while you pick.
  • Step 4: Go to the main antivirus window to check that Avast has disabled all shields. Just wait till the next instruction is received. Keep on the status tab.

If you see the above prompt, you have successfully removed all the shields.

If the shields are rebooted by chance, you should return to your guards by selecting the ‘TURN ON’ option in the main window.

You won’t have to shut off your virus protection completely. It may also be the duty to shut off some shields. If you disable Avast antivirus services once in a while, you may also finish the procedure with specific protection services.

  • Step 1: Find the icon at the bottom right of a taskbar. Double click on the Avast UI.
  • Step 2: Once you’re on it, the ‘Protect’ tab will allow you to choose ‘Core Shields.’ Choose the “Core Shields” option.
  • Step 3: There are four shields and buttons in the core shields to turn the guards off or on. Step 3:
  • Step 4: You also may flip on the on-off toggle switch to disable one shield. Now we ask you again when you want to disable the shields and choose them.

How To Turn Off Avast Free Antivirus Temporarily

Some instances do not recognize antivirus software and do not allow the installation of specific types of applications. Or antivirus disables your favourite websites occasionally. It is, therefore, either that the antivirus is entirely removed and vulnerable to numerous threats or that the software is stopped momentarily.

If you use one of Avast’s products, you may switch off the whole Avast antivirus or stop certain protections. In each procedure, our step-by-step explanation will help you.

If you opt to disable Avast fully, you will disable the whole antivirus on your machine. To achieve this, follow the following instructions.

  • Stage 1. Search for the orange symbol of Avast to go to the Windows taskbar. Drop it down and locate “Avast shields control,” then right-click on it. Select one choice – deactivate for 10 minutes or an hour OR until the machine is permanently restarted OR.
  • Step 2. Accept your choice when Avast requests you by pressing YES. Done! For the duration you specified, Avast antivirus and all shields must be stopped.
  • Step 3. Just open your main window to see if the antivirus is indeed disabled. It works all right when it’s red saying, “All antivirus defences are off.” To reinstate this feature, click the “Resolve” button and wait for a second to see the “You are protected” message.

How To Disable Avast Antivirus in Windows 10

We often have to turn off or stop Antivirus Protection because of malfunctions or other problems. Here we show how Avast antivirus may be deactivated on Windows 10 temporarily. Avast Antivirus is sometimes disabled to install security software such as firewalls by third parties.

Here is the whole recommendation on how Avast may be deactivated entirely by 2020. You may also deactivate Avast temporarily.

No automatic tool is available; thus, every step must be followed carefully. If you deactivate your Avast antivirus, this does not mean that you need to remove the program.

You can’t use antivirus or infection to manage programs like a driver, video apps, or other applications effectively. We might temporarily disable the Avast virus by using these processes. On your Windows 10, an alternative security program can be installed and re-activated.

Avast offers the favourite solution for many people if it provides a free antivirus application. The Avast antivirus is lightweight, reducing your machine’s speed.

Avast is one of the most extensive free antivirus programs in general. Avast is a fantastic Windows antivirus that cannot be updated through the internet to support Windows 10.


Unknown services providers cannot install anything on your computer by an Avast antivirus, which may sometimes be a significant problem for you. So, if you wish to stop Avast for some time, you need to know how to disable it.

But if you’d like to learn how to disable Avast or power specific Avast Shields down totally, then you’ll find precisely how to accomplish it in this guide!