what are the best android antivirus

These days Hazardous activities on our digital equipment, including Android mobile phones, are widespread. These hazardous activities include viruses, ransomware, spyware, phishing, and several sorts of software malware and unwanted activities. The primary sources for these attacks are unsecured websites, malicious mobile applications, and unguarded open networks for public use. Antivirus is recommended for your Android phones to avoid such unwanted activities on your devices and safeguard them from any attacks. A good antivirus can expose such unwanted issues by the scanning process and notify the users. So today, we are presenting the five best antiviruses in the market that are best for your android phones.

Do We Need Antivirus for Android Mobiles?

Usually, Android mobiles do not require any third-party antivirus applications. Because the applications that we download from the play store of the Android OS are all verified and safe to use. Though Android does not permit application installation from an unknown source, it shows warning messages while installing them forcefully. Due to such features of Android OS, we can say that it does not need any antivirus application.

Does Free Antivirus Work on Mobiles?

The answer is yes and no, both. Because free antivirus applications do not detect efficiently and provide many valuable features that can protect your mobile from strong or unknown viruses or malware, free antivirus applications can only protect your mobile up to some minor and known malware.

5 Free Antivirus For Android Mobile Security

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender Antivirus Free provides antivirus software for android phones for free of cost. This application is capable of scanning cloud storage as well as detecting malware on your android phones seamlessly. You would not require to go through any unique configuration settings for malware detection, and it automatically detects while installation of any application happens. Apart from this, it is also a very space-saving application. It doesn’t occupy much of your mobile’s storage and has features like setting time for scanning devices, low battery usage, and many more.

McAfee Mobile Security

In the unpaid version of the McAfee Mobile Security antivirus application, we get features like scanning documents, files, and other applications. They also provide a unique feature that detects the sharing of personal credentials with other applications. But you get to see advertisements in the unpaid version. Other than this, it also offers a safe Wi-Fi connection detector, improves battery and the RAM of the android device, cleans up junk files, and many more. In the paid version, you will get to see all of these features, including more with no advertisements.

Sophos Intercept X for mobiles

This application has features like setting time for scanning applications, files, documents, and media and storage of your device. It also provides application scanning features during the installation process. The software would also scan the URLs you click in non-browser applications and prevent websites that feature malicious, unlawful, or unwanted information. This antivirus application also alerts the user about their private credential usage and provides an application lock feature to safeguard them. And all these features are free of cost with no unwanted advertisements.

Norton 360

The fourth and the most powerful android phone antivirus application. This company promises their users 100 percent malware detection with their fantastic and sophisticated features likes safe Wi-Fi connection, application lock, RAM booster, memory manager, lower battery drainage, cooling down the device, unwanted call block, mobile system advisor, malware report to the user, inbuilt application search engine, application, and phone number hide features and many more. But these features are not for free. Norton is giving their users a thirty-day unpaid trial period, but after that, users have to purchase the application for further use.

Avira Antivirus Security for Android

The last antivirus application for android devices. Avira offers rugged security protection for its users. Up to 100MB of data usage via free VPN, the feature is also provided for each day. Like other applications, it also offers features like battery saver, application lock, application hide, malware detection, automatic scanning during application installation, and many more. It comes in both paid and unpaid versions. In the paid version, it blocks harmful websites, including the features mentioned earlier.


With the advancement of mobile phones, breaching and hacking skills also have advanced. To protect your Android phones, you can use an antivirus application but make sure it offers useful features. Though Android OS is safe, having an antivirus application is just like another layer of protection for your device.