what is fixmestick

In this modern era of technology, it is very important to save tech devices from major viruses and malware. Viruses can steal our personal information, important files and can affect the productivity of our device. Many solutions are invented to stop viruses from affecting our computers. Antivirus is the major solution of viruses at present. In 2011, a Canadian company came up with the software “FixMeStick” and “StartMeStick”. Both were developed to solve major technical problems in computers. Both are created with different visions. Customers were very satisfied with the products and rated them five stars. 

This article is dedicated to ‘fixmestick’. Hence, we are only mentioning the introduction of ‘startmestick’.

Introduction to StartMeStick | FixMeStick

Startmestick helps old computers to hold updated software. Actually. Startmestick is a temporary operating system (OS) that helps outdated computers to revive and work efficiently. It is very useful to save money on expensive and updated software. Also, this operating system is very secure and runs fast.

This operating system comes in a USB device, which is available on both online and retail platforms. Its yearly subscription comes with a round figure of $15.In conclusion, a start stick gives your computer new life with updated components. This device supports unlimited multiple devices. This is a major incredible feature of startmetick.

What is a FixMeStick?

Fixmestick is an automatic malware removal tech solution for computers. This device is a one-stop solution for many computer problems. It can automatically scan viruses, malwares, and clean junk files. Hence, a fixmestick automatically solves common and frequent problems in computers and laptops.

Also, it is enabled with auto-update. This feature gets its latest version which is more helpful to clean new viruses. Because new viruses are invented every day. 

Fixmestick is a modern tech-savvy security device that is more helpful for professionals. It can also help you to get rid of slow computer speed, low refresh rate, and hanging or hacking of your device. Fixmestick is a safe, secure and reliable tech solution for viruses.

Where to buy a FixMeStick?

Buying a fixmestick is not so problematic. You can get it in many online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and many others. Also, fixmestick is available across the globe. The best part of online shopping is, they offer free shipping and quality products. Fixstick is also available in retail shops.

If we talk about price, majorly it is priced at around $175.

Price can vary according to geographic location and according to the subscription plan. Subscription plans are provided for specific periods like 1 month, 3 months, or yearly. Yearly plans can be priced at around $50.

The cost of a fixmestick is reasonable for professionals. Also, one fixmestick can support 3 or more computers, which is also an awesome feature of this device.

How to Use a FixMeStick | StartMeStick?

Using a fixed stick is very simple. It is an amateur process for any tech savvies. First of all, the fix stick comes pre-installed in the USB portal device.

Steps to install fixmestick on your computer :

  1. Insert fixmestick in the USB portal.
  2. Then start your computer
  3. Click on the “ALT” button till the fixmestick screen does not appear.
  4. When the fixmestick screen appears on the screen, you should register or log in on the device.

If you are using a fixmestick for the first time, you have to register and create a password by using the credentials given while buying the product.


Simply you have to log in using a username and password.

  1. Then you will see the option ‘fixmestick’. Click on it.
  2. The application will take time to update itself and start scanning your computer.

After scanning, fixmestick will remove viruses and malware, junk files and fix major problems. To complete this process, you have to remove the USB device and restart your computer.

Above, it is clearly stated and detailed steps of using fixmestick.

How many different devices can I use a fixmestick?

This is a straightforward and important question for many fellows. Fixmestick can work on almost three devices simultaneously. All you have to do is plug the USB containing the Fixmestick and start using it following the steps mentioned above.

Fixmestick’s ability to support multiple devices can be updated in the latest versions.

This article will help you to understand the importance of ‘fixmestick’. Also, this article contains steps of using it and answers to many other questions.