Exploring the Power of Internet Service Provider Proxies

ISP proxies are static residential proxies that are hosted on datacenter servers rather than on end-user devices. They combine the speed and anonymity of datacenter and residential proxies, making them ideal for tasks like web scraping and bypassing captchas.

ISP proxies don’t depend on unstable Wi-Fi connections and can deliver high speeds with minimal latency. But they do have a few weaknesses, too.


Static ISP proxies are a great choice for web scraping. They are fast and can be used to bypass IP restrictions without triggering red flags. This is important because it can help you avoid getting banned from a website due to high-volume traffic.

ISP proxies combine the best features of datacenter and residential proxies. They come from datacenter servers, but they look like regular residential IPs to the target website. This provides more legitimacy and allows them to bypass anti-bot systems. ISP proxies also offer unlimited bandwidth, making them perfect for traffic-intensive online tasks.

ISP proxies are more reliable than other proxy types because they don’t depend on end-user connections. However, they do have a few drawbacks, including limited location coverage and low subnet diversity. Because of this, they may be less effective than other proxy types for certain activities that require a consistent identity, such as scalping or Facebook or Instagram accounts.


ISP proxies combine the benefits of datacenter and residential IPs. They source IP addresses from local Internet service providers and use them on servers instead of end-user devices like desktops or mobile phones. This allows them to bypass typical proxy restrictions and speed limits.

This makes them ideal for web scraping. They have the vast IP pool and high speed of datacenter proxies while offering the legitimacy and anonymity of residential proxies. They also eliminate well-known data scraping challenges, such as connection throttling, bandwidth issues, and slowdowns from rate limitations.

ISP proxies are also popular with bot operators, providing a fast and stable connection for social media monitoring, SEO monitoring, scalper bots and more. They can bypass IP bans with a large IP pool and offer a high level of security to ensure that your bots stay safe and undetected. You can easily find a reliable provider with the right features and pricing model to meet your needs.


ISP proxies are a new proxy network that’s quickly becoming popular for data collection. They are a combination of residential and data center proxies and deliver the speed and reliability of data centers with the anonymity of residential IPs.

ISP Proxies are sourced from servers at data centers instead of real end user devices and therefore are harder to detect by anti-scraping systems. However, they lack the geodiversity that comes from sourcing nodes from peer devices.

This makes them a great option for use cases where speed is key such as web scraping. They are also less prone to IP blocking than standard rotating residential proxies. Oxylabs’ Rotating ISP Proxy network is a good example of this. It features stable sessions up to 5 hours so that you can gather data without interruption. This makes them ideal for bypassing geo-restrictions and ad verification. They can also help you avoid wasting time on failed connection attempts.


ISP proxies are an emerging proxy type that combines the best of residential and datacenter proxies. They feature the anonymity and speed of residential IPs while providing the stability, reliability, and reputation of data center proxies.

Since ISP proxies are sourced from data centers and not end-users’ devices, they are more stable and less likely to be blocked than residential ones. They also offer a greater range of locations than residential proxies.

Static ISP proxies feature fixed IP addresses that don’t change constantly, making them easier to use for long sessions. They can be used for SEO monitoring, ad verification, social media monitoring, price monitoring, and more.

ISP proxies are a powerful tool for bypassing geo-restrictions and anti-scraping measures. They help you access websites like Veve, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Yeezy Supply, and Supreme without sacrificing speed or anonymity. They also work on sites that employ preemptive measures to prevent compulsive buying behavior, such as ad blocking and timeouts.

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