Setup Epson Connect Printer

The growing world has created a huge demand for online products and gadgets. As the demand for online work increases simultaneously demand for computers, laptops, and printers also increases. There is a huge collection of various printers in the market, out of which the Epson printers are the most reliable and trustable. 

Epson printers are the best choice to have as a printer in your office space. The best feature about Epson printers is that they are very compact and very easy to use. The Epson printers are two in one, having the feature of printing along with a photocopy. The printing speed of Epson printers is even less than a second. The Epson printer has a new tool. Epson printer utility tool which can automatically scan your cloud. And you just need to click the print option to print that document or mail.Although the Epson printer is the best to have. Some people face problems while dealing with it. Most people face the problem of the Epson printer being offline again and again.

epson connect printer setup utility tool

Epson connect printer setup utility tool is a unique and amazing tool. This tool helps the Epson printer to connect to your device documents automatically. Which in turn makes the printing easy and one step process. Whoever will send you the mail, you’ll be able to print it by just using this tool. Moreover, you don’t require any other software or application to use the Epson printer utility tool.  Epson printer utility itself scans the cloud. 

How do I setup an Epson wireless printer?

Setup of the Epson printer is very easy. You need to follow a few steps and you are good to go. Let’s start the process of setting up the Epson printer. 

  • Download the Epson connect printer setup utility & install it.
  • Click on the “agree” checkbox to agree on end user license agreement. 
  • Click on the “next” option.
  • Now click on the “install” option and end installing by pressing the “finish” key. 
  • After that, you’ll have to select your device name & click on the “next” option.
  • Now in the interface of register or remove the printer Epson connect- select the “printer registration” option and then click on the next option. 
  • Then, agree the licence agreement and privacy statement and click the next option. 
  • Click the “ok” option when registering a printer to Epson connect message. 
  • Now create your new Epson connect account. Provide an appropriate password with both capital and small letters, numbers and special characters. 
  • Click on the “finish” option.
  • Try to scan your cloud and remote printer by Epson printer. 

And your Epson printer’s setup is completed.

How do I get my Epson printer to recognize my computer?

The port option is present under the section of printer’s properties. If the correct port system has been selected, the Epson printer will automatically always recognise your computer. 

How do I connect my Epson printer to my computer?

To connect the wireless Epson printer to the wifi you would just require the network SSID and the password of that network. The process seems to be difficult, but it is not that difficult. The easy procedure to set up the Epson wireless printer to the wifi is given below. You should follow every step very carefully.

  • Firstly, press the “menu” button of the printer and then, scroll down to the “network” option using the down key. 
  • Then, after selecting the network press “ ok”.
  •  Now, select “WLAN” and press ok again. 
  • Furthermore, select the “setup wizard” option and press “ok” on your printer.
  • When the WLAN-enabled question appears, choose “on” and press ok.
  • The Epson printer will search for SSID or network nearby you. Select your network name and press ok. Further, if the printer asks you if you would like to use WPS/AOSS press “2” for NO. 
  • Then, enter your wifi network password using the keypad and press ok. 
  • The LCD will prompt you to apply settings- select “yes’ and press ok. 
  • The machine will take a while to connect to your network. 
  • Then, make sure your computer is on and you are logged in with administered rights.
  • Insert the Epson software CD in the CD slot of your computer and then select your Epson machine and language. Click to the” install MFL-pro suite” and click yes for the PaperPort license agreement. 
  • Further, click yes for the Epson licenses agreement & choose the wireless network connection, and click “next”.
  • Select the “change in the firewall pot settings” under the firewall antivirus detection section and click “next”. 
  • Again choose your Epson machine and click “Next”. 
  • Select the default settings of the printer and click Next. And choose “yes, I want to restart my computer now”.

Done, your process is complete.