Incfile LLC Formation Review – Should You Use Incfile for Your LLC Formation Needs?

Forming a business can be complex. Whether you need help with documents and filing, or advice and organizational tools, Incfile provides independent resources and a user-friendly dashboard.

Their Silver plan is free (just pay your state fee). Plus, their price updates during the order process so you can see exactly what your service will cost.

Easy to Use

Incfile makes a lot of its revenue from add-on services, which are offered in packages starting at $0 and climbing to $299 for their premier Platinum plan. These add-ons include things like obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN), making amendments to filings, or providing registered agent services. It is important to be vigilant while purchasing these add-ons, as they often cost more than they should or offer little value.

All Incfile packages come with a next-business-day processing guarantee, which is an important feature that many competitors do not provide. They also make it easy to track your registration process on their website, something that can be difficult with some competitor services.

Incfile also offers a premium package that includes an operating agreement, expedited state filing and a business email address for one year. While this package does seem overpriced, the added value may justify it for some entrepreneurs. This is especially true if you are already paying for other premium services such as a domain name or business email service.


Incfile’s price point is a good fit for many businesses. Their service plans range from $0 to over $199, depending on which package tier and add-on services you select. Their pricing is competitive compared to other services and they do not charge for registered agent service for the first year of use, which some business owners appreciate.

While the lowest Silver plan is advertised as free, state filing fees are an additional cost that vary by state. This is automatically added to the checkout price, so there’s no surprise when you see the final total. The Gold plan also includes some add-ons that are worth considering, such as an Operating Agreement and Banking Resolution.

However, some business owners are annoyed with frequent up-sells that they feel are unnecessary. For instance, some customers have paid for services that they later realized were not needed. For this reason, they may want to consider other options with more transparent pricing and better customer support.


Incfile offers one of the best user experiences of any LLC formation service, with an online dashboard that concisely displays order status and key deadlines. The dashboard is also where you can track state progress on your Articles of Organization.

In addition to its great user experience, Incfile has solid across-the-board pricing. Their cheapest bundle, the Silver package, starts at $0 (plus state fees). And although their most expensive Platinum plan includes a free year of Registered Agent service, the subsequent years are charged at $119 per year, which is in line with competitors.

Incfile does have a few caveats, though. Their cancellation policy is unclear and buried under legalese, and their renewal policies are a bit less clear. Additionally, they have a few add-ons that aren’t necessary for most new businesses, such as business contract templates and a business domain and email address. These services can be purchased elsewhere for lower prices. However, those minor annoyances can be overlooked for the low price points and ease of use that Incfile provides.

Expert Support

Whether you need help filing paperwork or advice on compliance with state rules, Incfile can provide it. They have helped launch more than 1 million businesses since they opened in 2004. Their pricing is competitive with other service providers like Zenbusiness and LegalZoom. They offer packages starting at $0 plus state fees that include a year of registered agent service.

They also offer a number of free tools and resources to make it easier to set up and manage a business, including a DIY email course, business entity quiz, how-to-start guide, state guides, sales tax calculators, payroll tax calculators and infographics. Their Platinum plan includes additional services that add value to your business, including the drafting of a banking resolution, Business Banking Account opening and Operating Agreement drafting. Additionally, they include a sample document library and lifetime company alerts. This is a significant improvement over the Silver plan’s lack of these features. They also guarantee next day processing with all packages.

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