Canon 4102 Error

Canon Printer 4102 Support Code: Sometimes while using the canon printer, it shows a message like error 4102. Many users face such problems. Though it is not very difficult to deal with it. But yes for a few people it is a serious issue while printing any file. This 4102 Support Code on a canon printer might be because of any paper size issues or it may also be because of some programming issue. Therefore, solving the paper size issue and media/program type issue might solve the error 4102 Support Code of the canon printer. To get the solutions, read the context of the next section properly and follow the mentioned steps carefully.

Steps to fix canon printer support code 4102 error

Many people face problems like 4102 Error Support Code with the Canon printer. There could be many reasons for the 4102 error. Depending upon the cause of error 4102 there could be different solutions to this problem. In this text, we will mention a few solutions. You might try them one by one and get an appropriate solution for your Canon printer. At least one of the below-mentioned solutions should solve your error 4102 problems. 

Read and follow each and every step of every solution properly to get rid of error4102.

Solution 1 – Cancel the printing settings of your canon printer

  • First of all, click on the “stop” option, to cancel the printing process. 
  • Click on the “settings” option. 
  • Now set the paper size of photo paper plus glossy to 4 inches * 6 inches for windows and mac as well. 
  • Then, set the paper size of glossy photo paper to 4 inches*6 inches for windows as well as mac. 
  • Set the paper size for the envelope at envelope 10.
  • Now select any file and click on the “print” option. 

If the Canon 4102 Error Support Code your printer was showing was because of the wrong paper size. This solution must solve that problem. 

Solution 2 – Change the Printer’s Program

  • To do so, you need to navigate to the administration panel of your pc. 
  • Click on the “start” option and select “all programs”.
  • Now select the “accessories” option and after that choose “system tool”. 
  • Click on the “system restore” option. 
  • After that, click on the “restore to previous program” and then “next”.
  • Again click on the “next” option to confirm the previous program.
  • Now, restart your computer and select a file to print.

If the Canon Printer 4102 Error Support Code is removed, your canon printer should print your file

Since the paper size and media size is the major issue due to which error 4102 arises in canon printers. Therefore, one out of the above-mentioned solutions should solve your Canon Printer Error Code 4102 problems. Canon printers are the best choice to have as a printer in your office space. The best feature about Canon printers is that they are very compact and very easy to use. The canon printers are two in one, having the feature of printing along with a photocopy. The printing speed of Canon printers is even less than a second, therefore the canon printers are super fast and consume less time. Although the canon printer is the best to have, some people face problems while dealing with it like error support code 4102.

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