hp printer in error state

HP printer users nowadays are facing HP printer error state. If that’s the case for you also, let’s solve this problem. In this article we will see why the HP printer is showing error mode and then we will follow the steps to bring your printer out of the error state. We will also see how you can fix the error state in Windows 10. 

Just follow the steps carefully and you will be yourself able to bring your HP printer out of error mode. 

Let’s start. 


Focus of the article-

Why is my HP printer showing an error?

How do I check my HP printer for errors?

How do I get my HP printer out of error?

Steps To Fix hp printer in error state windows 10.

Let’s start. 

Why is my HP printer showing an error?

There can be different reasons for your printer to show error state. 

  • Maybe the space of the HP printer cartridge is not cleaned properly.
  • Secondly, the toner is not at its original position. Which usually happens, if plastic breaks and pushes it from its original location.
  • Thirdly, there might be no ink in the HP printer.
  • Maybe your printer’s driver is damaged.
  • HP printer might be heated up.

HP Printer in Error State How to Fix?

HP printer error state can be because of any of the reasons mentioned above. But most of the error states the HP printer is not that different to resolve. They might require a few steps and your printer will be out of error mode.

Try solving your HP printer error state with the below-mentioned steps-

  • Remove your printer’s plug from the switchboard.
  • Let it cool down and leave it for 2 minutes.
  • Now connect your printer’s plug directly to the switchboard without using an adapter.
  • Again switch on your printer.
  • Now restart your device (laptop/PC).
  • Give your printer a WiFi connection and try printing any document.

Most probably, following these steps will definitely get your HP printer out of error.

But even after following the above-mentioned steps, your printer is showing an error. Then, you need to follow the much deeper steps to fix this problem.

Let’s see how you can fix the error state of the HP printer which is not solved by the above-mentioned steps.

Turn your HP printer online- 

  • On your PC or laptop, search for the control panel In search box.
  • Now you will see many options on this interface, select the “device and printer” option.
  • Then, under the printer column you will find all the printer got connected with your device. From them choose the model number of your current HP printer.
  • New interface will open, click on the “printer” option again.
  • And from the printer’s tab option uncheck the “use printer offline” option. 

Now your HP printer status is online. This might resolve your HP printer error state. 

Check for Paper in the HP Printer.

  • This is the most common cause of printing error. The printer with lack of paper will show the HP printer state. Therefore, check for the paper in the printer’s tray. 
  • Open the printer’s try, put papers in the try and try printing pages. 
  • Make sure paper is not stuck in the roller of the printer. 

The printer rolls paper while printing the pages. But sometimes, the paper gets stuck in the roller, and further printing sticks. So this is also a reason for HP printer error mode. Follow to steps to resolve this.

  • Switch off your printer and device.
  • Open the front panel of HP printer. 
  • Remove the ink cartridges to secure them.
  • Remove the stuck piece paper from the roller. 
  • Plane new papers in the tray and ink cartridges.
  • Close the front panel, switch on your printer and device. 
  • Try printing new pages. 

HP Printer Cartridges are not properly placed.

  • If ink cartridges will not be placed correctly your HP printer will show error while printing. To place them correctly-
  • Switch off your printer and remove front panel.
  • Remove the coloured and black ink cartridges.
  • Replace both the cartridges carefully at right place. 
  • Close the front panel, switch on your printer and device. 
  • Try printing new pages. 

Check the HP Printer ink levels- 

  • Click the start menu of your laptop/PC. 
  • Navigate to settings and then devices.
  • Select the “device and printer” option, now select your printer’s name.
  • Check your printer’s status area. Here you’ll find the level of ink.

If the level of ink is very less, refill the ink cartridges to bring your printer out of error state. 

Check if your HP printer’s driver is old-

  • if it’s the old driver you need to update HP printer driver-
  • Press the windows key and X together. 
  • Select the “device manager” option from the given choices.
  • Now click on the “printer” option & again click on the “HP printer”. 
  • Step 4- Now a new row of options appear, click on the “update driver” option. 
  • Click on the box for the automatically update driver option. 

And your printer’s error must be resolved.