Canon printer error code 5100

Canon Printer Support Code 5100 – It’s been long since you have been struggling with Printing errors that seem to gulp away all the time that can be productive enough. Imagine you are heading towards an important meeting and what you see is a paper jam in the printer. These errors make you go crazy and sometimes yeah! You tend to miss out on important deals which you thought are already in your bag. Printer issue is a meagre one and you must technically keep abreast with fixing small printing errors. 

Yes! We are talking about one such common printing error that causes printing delays.

Viewing Support Code 5100 on a Canon Printer? What it means?

This takes almost your beath away because that error code 5100 pops up out of nowhere and you do not have a clue what to do in order to fix it right. Canon Printer error is the most widely reported printing error and the interesting part is that there could be more than one reason for this error code. 

Canon error 5100 indicates that there is some issue with the printer’s ink cartridge. This can easily be resolved flushing the printer heads to clear any ink blockage that has appeared on the printhead. Here, we will guide you more on Canon printing error 5100 and help you troubleshoot this error for various Canon Printers with model no. MP160, MP237, MX922, and so on.

If you observe canon printer error code 5100, stay aware that there is no software issue. You are probably not upkeeping your printer well. It’s the problem of the hardware machine. Maybe, there is a protective tape, a part of which is left in the printhead. This is the most common issue for canon printer 5100 error

You can also be ready for Canon Printing Error 5100. It will not be evident only when that shoes on the screen. It can also be ascertained by several signs stated here:

  • Problem with the ink cartridge.
  • Displaced ink cartridge.
  • Paper jamming inside printer
  • Soiled printing strip or Dust particles
  • Corrupted Printer Driver

Simple ways to fix Canon Printer Error 5100

Canon has a superb on call support so, you will never get stuck. Call them on canon customer care toll free number USA (800) 385-2155 to get printing resolutions if at all you cannot fix it by adopting generalized stated methods yourself. 

How do I get my Canon printer out of error 5100 mode?

It is not a herculean task to get your Canon printer out of error code 5100. Follow some simple steps to troubleshoot this issue:

  • Check for any packing material that remains in the printhead or the cartridge. It can be a protective tape. Remove any such plastic material as it hampers the seamless printing process.
  • Check for any obstruction in the printer path from where paper is fed. You can again fix it quickly by removing the jammed paper or any other obstruction in the paper feeding tray
  • Check if the ink cartridge is placed properly. Improper alignment of the ink cartridge may trigger Canon printer error 5100.  To rectify this sort of error, open the printer’s front panel and properly place the ink cartridge.
  • Check for accumulated ink debris on the printhead. Clean the cartridge area properly with a muslin cloth if you see that there is dust or accumulated black powdery substance on the cartridge printhead. Remember, not to use a wet cloth for cleaning this area otherwise it can obstruct the current between the cartridge and the printhead which further causes printing errors even if printer error 5100 gets solved. 
  • Check for any jammed paper that remained stuck in the paper tray or the printing roll at the time of failure of printing task. Sometimes, you will feel that you have pulled out entire paper that was jammed still the error code 5100 doesn’t get resolved. In tis case, open the printer head because there might be a small piece of torn paper that remains stuck in the printing tray while you pulled the bigger piece out.
  • Check that the printer timing strip is in proper condition. This also causes printer error code 5100 to be displayed on the screen.

Only sometimes you will be watching canon printer error code 5100 on your screen for a printer driver’s malfunction. When you have done all physical checks and still there have been no workable solution, check your printer’s driver because there are high chances that it is corrupted. 

Stay Tuned for workable solutions and self-troubleshooting of your printing errors. We will sail you towards every printing problem that’s causing an obstruction in your daily and smooth flow of work.