How To Fix HP Printer Offline Windows 10

The growing world has created a huge demand for online products and gadgets. As the demand for online work increases simultaneously demand for computers, laptops, and printers also increases. There is a huge collection of various printers in the market, out of which the HP Printers are the most reliable and trustable. 

HP printers are the best choice to have as a printer in your office space. The best feature about HP printers is that they are very compact and very easy to use. The HP printers are two in one, having the feature of printing along with a photocopy. The printing speed of HP printers is even less than a second, therefore the HP printers are super fast and consume less time. Although the HP printer is the best to have, some people face problems while dealing with it. Most people face the problem of the HP printer being offline again and again. 

The problem could be anything like- 

How do I fix an offline HP printer?

How do I get the HP printer back online?

How do I get my HP printer to stop being offline?

Why does my HP printer keep saying it’s offline?

Why Does my HP Printer keep saying it’s offline Windows 10?

There could be several reasons for your HP printer to be shown offline. But, there is not much to worry about as if you know what is the reason behind your printer being offline, you could be able to fix it. Below we have mentioned some reasons why the HP printer is offline. Analyze these below-given points and conclude to fix your HP printer offline. 

  • The first reason could be a connection, your printer might not be connected to your device properly. 
  • Second, could be that while using your printer might be turned off hence, it is showing the HP printer offline. 
  • Third, if your printer is wireless it might not connect to the same wifi as the computer. 
  • Fourth, you might have clicked the option, “use printer offline”. 
  • Five reasons could be that there might be an error in the printer spooler.
  • Sixth, the wrong way of paper insertion in the printer can show “ HP printer offline”.

How Do I Fix an offline HP Printer?

If you are also the one facing the problem of HP printers offline, and finding the solution to it. Then, you have reached the exact page where you could find the solution for the HP printer offline for sure.

Let’s just dive into the main topic.

First Solution – remove the USB device of the printer from the laptop and reconnect it, to make sure that the connection is proper. 

The second solution- recheck the printer’s plug, if it is plugged correctly or not. The reason for the HP printer being offline could be to turn off the printer. 

The third solution- check the wifi connection of the printer. If the printer is not connected to the same wifi as the computer, disconnect it and reconnect the printer to the wifi the same as the computer. 

Fourth solution- Uncheck the “use printer offline” option. 

The steps to do so are quite simple and easy, follow the below-given steps carefully. 

  • Step 1- Type “control panel” in the search box and click it.
  • Step 2- under the control panel section, click the “hardware and sound” option which navigates to another section. 
  • Step 3- find and click the “devices and printers” option.
  • Step 4- click on the printer having a problem and choose “ see what’s printing”. 
  • Step 5- click the “printer” option on the upper right corner and uncheck the “use printer offline” option. 
  • Step 6- once again click on the “printer” and choose “cancel all documents”.

Done, your printer might start working now. 

The fifth solution- Check the printer spooler services.

Follow the simple below given steps to do so- 

  • Step 1- type in the search box of start and click on the services option. 
  • Step 2- find the printer spooler and click right to it. Then, choose the “restart” option. 
  • Step 3- once again open the printer spooler and now choose the “properties”.
  • Step 4- in the field of startup type, choose the “automatic” option. 
  • Step 5- Restart your computer. 

Try to print it out after your computer is being restarted. 

The sixth solution- remove all the sheets from the printer and rearrange them properly to remove the option HP printer offline. 

The seventh solution– if any solution mentioned above does not work. Try to uninstall the HP printer software and reinstall it. 

  • Step 1- navigate to the “run box” and type “”  and click ok.
  • Step 2- under the “printer queues” section, find the HP printer and click right and choose “uninstall device”.
  • Step 3- reinstall the HP software using the DVD drive or from the HP official website. 

How to Get my HP Printer Online From Offline?

Turning the printer online is not a difficult job, you just need to have some basic knowledge and follow the below-given steps to do so.

  • First of all, navigate to the devices and printer from the start menu. 
  • Then, right-click devices and printers and click on the default printer.
  • Further, choose an option of printer properties and left-click on the ‘port’ section & check whether your default printer is checked marked or not, and click to ‘configure port”.
  • Thereafter, under the SNMP status enabled, unchecked mark it & click ok.
  • And then, close the window & again restart your computer.

After restarting your computer, check whether the default HP printer offline turned to online or not. And also try to print out something.