HP Printer Supply Memory Error

In the growing world having a laptop with a printer is very necessary. But along with that, the software to manage them is also very important. One of the best software programs to manage and regulate your printer-laptop coordination is the HP solution center. In case you own an HP printer and laptop, the HP solution is the best software you should have.HP solution center is not only to manage the printer but performs various functions. This could not be more irritating to get the blank pages from any printer.

HP printers might be causing you some trouble while using it. If your HP printer is showing memory supply error, there may be several reasons why your HP printer is doing so.  To solve such a problem, first, you should know what could be the possible reasons for your HP printer showing a supply memory error.  After knowing the reason, you could be able to solve the problem.

In this article, you will get answers to the following queries related to HP printer memory supply error-

What does supply memory error mean on HP printer?

Basically, the ‘memory supply error’ is displayed on the screen due to following reasons- 

  • If you have removed the old cartridge with the new one. Because of which, the printer is not able to correlate with the contacts in the printer’s toner. This is the major and most common reason for memory supply error in HP printers. 
  • Secondly, the toner is not at its original position. This might be the reason for the memory supply error of the HP printer. This could happen if plastic breaks and pushes it from its original location.
  • Also, the memory supply error displayed on the screen if your printer’s software or firmware is out of date. Therefore, check for the printer’s software.
  • Moreover, the HP Printer Supply Memory error might be shown due to the loose packaging left on the new toner you have installed.

How do I fix the supply memory error on my HP printer?

To fix the memory supply error issue, we should consider the above-mentioned causes of the memory supply error of HP printers. 

The first Solution is- Remove the Packing of new toner.

Check for the new toner you are installing in the HP printer. As all the new toner cartridges are packed with orange tapes and plastic sheets for safe transportation. So, if you left any small piece of plastic or orange tape then the printer will display “memory supply error”. 

To make sure about it, recheck the new toner cartridge well. And if there is any packing piece left, remove it. 

Second Solution- check if contacts of the new toner and of the printer are properly touching each other. 

To make sure, 

  • Switch off your HP printer.
  • Disconnected the plug from the socket.
  • Now, open your HP printer and remove the toner.
  • Clean the contacts of the printer and as well as new toners.
  • Now, again place the toner in the printer and check if the contacts of both the toner and the printer are overlapped or not. 
  • If they are overlapped then close the printer and connect the plug.
  • Now, switch on your printer and it should not show ” memory supply error”. 

The contacts of both the toner and the printer make a circuit. So if they don’t overlap, the circuit will remain incomplete. And the printer will register That there’s no toner in the printer. 

Third Solution- Check the software of the printer.

Sometimes the HP printer shows “memory supply error”.

So, check your printer’s software. If it is not the latest one. Kindly, uninstall the current one and reinstall the latest printer’s software.

How do I fix the 10.1000 Supply memory error?

10.1000, 10.0002, 10.00.01 all are the same kind of memory supply error in HP printers. So, the steps mentioned in the above section “how to fix supply memory error” would work for all of them. You can solve the 10.1000 memory supply error of the HP printer by following the already mentioned steps. 

So follow the above steps carefully. 


Memory supply error shown by HP printers is not a big issue. It can be solved by just following a few steps. To solve your HP printers memory supply error kindly refer to the second section of our article. 

Hope this article helped you out to solve your printer issues.

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