reset Brother printer

Printer troubles are mostly just your printer’s method of expressing dissatisfaction with its interior, technology, as well as connection. We may resolve specific issues by immediately turning on and off our brother printer or plugging and unplugging the power cord. However, if the same problems keep occurring, a hard reset on your printer may be the right thing to do. The default factory setting can aid you in fixing such issues. Indeed, a deep reset will restore your printer’s factory default settings. This entails erasing all links, archives, as well as assigned printer settings, among other things. 

Why do you need to do something like that? Because, rather than exposing your printer to repeated difficulties and laborious troubleshooting, a full restore helps clear everything out, allowing you to install and link it correctly.

In case if you have no idea how to reset your Brother printer, then follow this post. Here in this post, we are going to share some methods to reset your Brother printer. 

How to Reset Brother Printer Machine?

To reset your Brother printer to default factory settings, follow the following steps – 

  • Step 1– The initial step to reset your Brother printer is to power off your Brother printer. 
  • Step 2- After that, unplug all the plugs of the printer and keep them aside. 
  • Step 3– Now, make sure to put every lid and cover in its place before moving to the next step. 
  • Step 4– Now, you have to plug in the power cord of your Brother printer again back to the power supply. 
  • Step 5– On your printer’s control panel, you will get to see a Go button. Press and hold that button for few seconds. 
  • Step 6– while pressing the Go button, you have to press the printer’s power button as well. Both should be pressed as well as hold at the same time. 
  • Step 7– Now, wait and give some time to the printer to get power up entirely before moving to the next step. 
  • Step 8– When the printer ultimately gets power-up, you can remove your finger from the Go button. 
  • Step 9– Now, wait for a few moments to get the indicating light stable of the printer. 
  • Step 10– After that, the printer will start turning off again. 
  • Step 11– Now, press the Go button on your printer’s control panel six times when the indicating light of the printer is reactive.
  • Step 12– You have completed the reset procedure of your Brother printer manually. 

Hard Reset Brother Printer 

An alternative method is to reset your brother’s printer directly from the control plane of your printer. 

  • Step 1– Detach and remove the network cables of the printer and keep them aside. 
  • Step 2– From the control panel of the brother printer, press the menu button. 
  • Step 3– Select the initial Setup and click ok by using the up or down arrow buttons on the brother printer.
  • Step 4- Now, you have to select the reset option on your control panel again by using the up or down arrow buttons. 
  • Step 5- After that, you have to select the reset function as per your preference by using those up and down arrow keys. 
  • Step 6– Now select the “1” option to continue the All setting reset function. 
  • Step 7– If you don’t want to reset your printer and want to get out, select option “2”.
  • Step 8– Now, you will be asked by the printer to reset your settings. If you want to continue, select the option “1,” and if you don’t want to reset it, then go with option “2”. 

How Do I Reset my Brother Wireless Printer?

The settings screen of your Brother printer is used in both of the previously stated reset processes. You may, instead, use printer software on your machine to restore your Brother printer to its factory default settings. 

To reset the Brother printer wirelessly, follow the given below steps- 

  • Step 1– You first have to open any web browser from your machine and visit the page. 
  • Step 2– Now, you have to look for your printer on that page. You can do this in two ways. 

❖ In the Search By Name, enter your Brother printer’s model name and then click on the search button. 

❖ Right below the search box, there is an option given search by your product category. You can find as well as select your brother’s printer model from there as well.  

  • Step 3– After selecting your desire Brother printer model, you have to select your operating system as well. 
  • Step 4– After selecting your operating system, you will get to see a roll of tools and drivers on your screen. You can even download these drivers and tools to boost the printing experience. You can download them from the brother like the ControlCenter4.
  • Step 5– Now scroll down a little, and a list of Management tools will appear on your screen. 
  • Step 6– Select the BR Admin option from that list. 
  • Step 7– Carefully download the software by following the given steps. 
  • Step 8– After finishing the downloading job, open the software and do the instructions provided on your screen. 
  • Step 9– You have to run the BR Admin and then select the Brother MFCL2700DW to reset your brother printer settings.
  • Step 10– Now, click on the network configuration option from the Control menu. 
  • Step 11– Give your password is asked, and then select the ok button. 
  • Step 12– select the factory reset option from the control menu. 
  • Step 13– Your Brother printer reset is accomplished. 


So, these were the steps that you can follow to perform the reset operation of your brother’s printer.