how to resset epson printer

Epson printers are not only viewed as the best printers but they are actually the best printers which are compatible to all user’s income and needs too. The prices differ and this gives us a variety of choice regarding to our use and capability too. In case you are looking for a printer for your office or home Epson printers are the printers you should purchase because they are designed with total simplicity and are ideal for your everyday tasks as they provide quality printing also copying and scanning from pictures.

But if you are lucky to have one and you are facing the questions like How do I reset my Epson printer to factory settings? Is there a reset button on Epson printers? How do I reset my Epson wireless printer? Here is some useful information which directly clear your inquiries.

How do I reset my Epson printer to factory settings?

When you want to reset your printer to factory settings the following are some various ways to reset Epson printer to factory settings.

Reset through the help of printer adjustment program.

1]You need to download the latest version of the printer adjustment program and install it on your computer.

2]Then you should open the printer adjustment program on your system.

3]Thirdly, click the select option to create a required option.

4]In the select menu, you have to select your printers model number and the port to which the printer is connected to the device.

5]Click on the OK button.

6]Then click on the finish button to finish this process.

7]Lastly, restart your printer.

Reset using the control panel of Epson printer.

1]The first thing to do you need to go to the home menu on the printer control panel.

2]use the left and right buttons so as you can open the set up menu.

3]press ok button.

4]use the right and navigation buttons to find the restore default settings option.

5]Likewise to restore default settings you can use the up and down detect button and press the ok button.

6]lastly restart your printer.

Is there a reset button on Epson printers?

Epson printers have a reset button on the back of the printer. It is normally located to the right of the Ethernet port. The function pf this reset button on the Epson printer is to help you reset your Epson printer. We reset the printers when there is a paper jam or a slowdown of the printer. We are advised to try to solve the problems through other solutions before deciding to reset your Epson printer since they are designed with capabilities to provide the solutions for their problems alone. Through the reset button we are able to reset the printer to factory settings through the following steps;   

Reset using the help of the reset button.

1]first you have to turn off your printer.

2]press the hold and reset button placed at the back of the printer.

3]then turn on the printer but hold down the reset button for 5-10 seconds.

4]then release the reset button after the warning page gets printed.

5]To redesign the printer on the system you should use the IP address.

How do I reset my Epson wireless printer?

Since Epson offers the best printers, they have portable to wireless and all in one printers for home and office use too. An Epson wireless printer enables the connection o your printer wirelessly to another source. Example Epson Eco Tank L3150 allows wireless connectivity by supporting the printing on the Epson printers from smart devices. Epson wireless printers are surely encouraging simplicity. One of the reason we want to reset our wireless Epson printer can be a network problem perhaps.

 You should do the following to reset your wireless Epson printer:

1]Turn off your printer by pressing the power button once to power it off.

2]Then hold down the network status button.

3]After that press the power key until the Wi-Fi light and Wi-Fi direct light flash alternatively.

4]Then you should release both buttons.

5]When the Wi-Fi light and Wi-Fi direct light turn off the Wi-Fi settings are reset already.

6]After that you are done resetting as the Epson wireless printer will be set to its default values.

To make it more clear if your printer is an Epson printer you have the ability to reset it since all Epson printers can be resetted and as a starter they all have a factory reset button at the back body.

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