Reset Lexmark Printer

Recently, Lexmark printers have gone crazy; you do not want to know how they work; not only at the time of purchase do you see strange warnings on the same LCD screen, one or more errors on your computer screen are reported. In these situations, however, it is very helpful to know how to reset Lexmark printer.

By resetting a Lexmark printer, you can actually restore your device to its original factory state, so at least in most cases, you can restore the correct behavior. In fact, whether it’s a Lexmark printer or not, the printer crashes, and various problems begin to appear and can be resolved immediately by performing a reset.

Therefore, if your goal is to know what to do to reset Lexmark printer, it is recommended that you take a few minutes off and read the next line carefully. In the end, it’s sure you can reset your Lexmark printer. You can also reset it to make sure you stop all recent issues while trying to use your device.

How Do I Reset Lexmark Printer to Factory Default Settings?

Having trouble restoring your printer? This article provided you with valuable tips to troubleshoot Lexmark printers and perform Lexmark printer reset in just a few easy steps.  

First, you will remove the power cable from your device. Then press the “Power” button and a few seconds later put the power cable back in place. Always keep your finger on the “Power” key and take the opportunity to press “Cancel/stop” twice. You can then release the “Power” button.

Your printer will then go into factory mode (allow about ten seconds before this is the case). Go to the “shipping mode” function by pressing the “+” key three times and confirm with “ok” (press “ok” once more when “Without Cleaning” appears)

A page should then print. Once it’s done, open the cover and remove the power cable. Remove the two ink cartridges from inside and close the cover.

Replace the power cable and turn your printer back on. Now just put the ink cartridges back in, and your Lexmark printer is ready to use again.

Lexmark Printer Reset Button

Let’s see the different ranges of Lexmark Printer and their Lexmark printer reset procedure to see whether there is any reset button:

Optra S&E- Press and hold the GO and Return keys, turn on the printer, and keep holding these two keys until the AutoTest screen appears. Release the key when it appears. This gives you access to the diagnostics menu and may display “80 periodic maintenance” on your printer. Now pressing the “GO” button will bypass this, and “Diagnostics” mode will appear. Now use the arrows to scroll and select the printer settings menu and then to Maintenance Reset. Counter (maintenance account value can only show the number of pages). Now turning off and on again will enable you to exit diagnostic mode.

Optra T610 / 12/14/16 Lexmark T520 / 22, T620 / 22, T630 / 32/34- While holding down the selection buttons and back buttons, turn on the printer and hold down these buttons until you see the “self-test” on the screen. If the message “80 periodic maintenance” appears on the screen, press GO to continue beyond this message and access the configuration menu. Now you have to keep n pressing the menu key until the “Reset Maint Cnt” option appears on the second line of the screen. Once the Reset Maint Cnt screen is appeared, press the “Select” button. This resets the counter. To exit configuration, turn off the printer and then turn it on again.

Lexmark T640 / 42/44, T650 / 52/54- Press and hold the [highlight] key and the right arrow key while turning on the printer. Release the switch when the screen shows “Run self-test.” The Settings menu appears on the screen. Now scroll down through this list using arrow keys until “Reset Maint Cnt” appears. Once “Reset Maint Cnt” has appeared, click select. “RESET” appears on the screen. In this case, press the [mark] button again to reset the maintenance counter. Now turning off and on again will enable you to exit this menu.

How to Reset Lexmark Wireless Printers Manually

The Lexmark Wireless Printers is useful at home or in the office. However, as with most technologies, sometimes something does not work, and your printer cannot print or return to its normal function. When this happens, you can reset Lexmark printer to restore the user defaults and reset the language and country or region settings. This often returns the printer to its normal function. Lexmark Wireless Printer reset instructions depend on your model.

  • Unplug the power cord from Lexmark Wireless Printer’s backside.
  • Count or use a timer to wait 20 seconds.
  • Press and hold “#” and “3” on the printer’s dial panel while you reconnect the power cord to the back of the printer.
  • Stop pressing the “#” and “3” keys after the Lexmark Wireless Printer starts up.
  • Touch the “Setup” icon on your Lexmark wireless printer’s screen. This icon is represented by the image of a key.
  • scroll down to “Tools” using the arrow keys
  • Touch “Tools” on the touchscreen once you have found the category.
  • Scroll down to and touch “Restore Factory Defaults.”
  • When the “Defaults Restored” message appears, press “Cancel.” Your default settings are restored, and you are returned to the main menu.