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Printers are a necessary aspect of our office and home work. You might have gone crazy when  the printers after sending the data do not respond. At times when preparing reports for your  company and other necessary details become difficult due to some errors in the printer leads to  frustration. The question immediately strikes the mind “Why is my HP printer connected but  not printing?  

Understanding the issue beforehand and taking the help troubleshooting guide to fix none  printing issues makes things look easy for you.  

Hp printer connected but not printing are the most common issues. The issue results from  various reasons. Whether it is the connectivity issues to many a times the faulty configurations  or drivers. You may try some of the quick methods to fix the Hp printer connected but not  printing.

Perform the basic troubleshooting:

Get into some troubleshooting methods when you find the Hp printer stops working. You  should check the status of the connection between the printer and the computer. Make sure the  devices are properly connected through network or cable then use it to connect the device as  normal. Also, if it is connected through wi-fi networks then check if the wi-fi is connected.  This is the first step to resolve the Hp printer connected but not printing as a common issue. 

You can try restarting your HP printer. Completely turn it off and also unplug the power cord.  Leave it for a couple of minutes and then plug the cord back and then power on the printer. See  if the printer can print it normally as before.

Reinstall or update HP printer drivers:

In most cases, the printer won’t print issues coming from the fault drivers. Also, update or reinstall the printer driver to fix the HP Printer connected but not printing as a common issue. 

The easiest and credible way is to deal with the drivers and use the official HP site to download printer drivers.

Driver easily and immediately recognizes the system and also finds the correct drivers for it. It is not necessary to know what system your computer works. You don’t need to risk downloading and also installing the wrong driver and also there is no need to worry about making any mistake when installing.

How Do I clear my HP printer que?

The printer’s onscreen management software first of all cancels output jobs that are in the queue.  Then put the entire print function on hold. With the print queue every project which you print lands at the end of the list as pending jobs. The Hp printer connected but not printing issue gets resolved and it proceeds to the printing status. Bringing up the printer’s management software,  you can also check for and remove the holds that prevent the hardware from responding. 

Set your printer as default 

When you are trying to print something with the computer will automatically assign the printing tasks to the default printer. Unless you choose another printer for the purpose. Hp printer is connected but not printing issue this gets resolved by following small steps. 

Cancel all printing jobs: 

Another possible cause of the HP printer not printing issues getting stuck within the print queue.  The printing queue contains failed printing jobs and also stops functioning normally along with leading the printer with no printing issues.

Check the printer status 

Hp printer connected but not printing issues can also come upfront because of the issues such  as there is no paper in the printer, less ink or toner along with paper getting stuck or paper jam.  Just check the status of the printer cartridge along wit try to replace it. In some of the cases the  Hp printer stops printing after you replace some of the parts. In such cases, install the original  one back and see if the problem gets resolved on an immediate basis. 

Repair system files: 

Hp printer connected but not printing issues can get resolved but Hp won’t print problems caused by any other issues related to OS. All the steps written above may resolve it but you should also run a Windows repair to repair possible system files problems. 

There are two ways where you can run a system repair: 

  1. Repair and replace the corrupt system files with reimage. 
  2. Run SFS Scan. 

Repair and replace corrupt system files with the reimage:

Reimage is one of the all in all system solutions. It scans the Pc operating system for viruses and flags dangerous websites, frees up the precious disk spaces, and also replaces any problematic files which are found with healthy ones. 

Thus, with all the above methods one could easily resolve the Hp printer not connected but not printing issues.