reset canon printer

Canon Printer needs resetting when it is not working properly or after a quick refill, The intrinsic indicators in Canon printer reset is presented that since the amount of ink in canon ink cartridges prevents the printer from operating at a risky ink level. If you replace a cartridge, it may be unsuccessful for your Canon printer to reset correctly. This usually happens when a printer cartridge is replaced with a new cartridge instead of the empty cartridge. You may reset your Canon printer if you do not reset the cartridge when you have installed it. You might confront several problems that could annoy you with the canon printer. You can contact support for Canon in this instance. 

Steps to Reset Canon Wireless Printer:

Convenient ways of resetting your Canon Printer to factory configuration just find the power button on the canon printer and press it untill orange light flashes.

If a Canon printer is reset to its default factory configuration, it will restore it to its original time and delete all the settings and requirements once it is obtained. It also involves reconnecting your printer to your local network and restoring the entire configuration procedure. This is the most excellent technique to remove all problems and warnings of error.

  • To reset the plant choice,
  • Turn on and navigate to the menu on your printer.
  • To execute in the setup menu, access the directional arrow.
  • To start the procedure, select the Reset option and hit OK.
  • Press the canon printer reset button for few seconds.

Sometimes a re-installation problem occurs when you fill up or install an ink cartridge on the Canon printer. However, the problem is solved in numerous possible methods; BCH technology is the most frequent resetting of the printer. Do these procedures to reset correctly.

  • For a while, release the Stop button.
  • Hold on again the Power button and press the Stop button twice again.
  • The printer will indicate “O” on the screen after around 30 seconds.
  • Click the Stop button four times before you double click the Power button.
  • Now, once again, touch the power button to turn your printer off. The reset procedure will be concluded.
  • Reset the ink cartridges by the release of USB connections and power of the printer.
  • When the power button is pushed, open the tin cartridge door and reconnect the power wires with the Power button.

Sometimes, owing to outdated drivers, resetting problems might occur. You may come into several issues if your printer is operating or if the printer driver is obsolete. Check the driver and quickly update the driver. Download, install and run the program on your device from the Internet. All old device drivers on your PC will be updated from the program. Try to reset the printer after the drivers have been updated. If you still have mistaken while resetting the printer, call the Canon technical staff for assistance.

Canon Printer Reset Button

Canon Printer Reset is very simple with the reset button, it is placed on the control panel of printer with red triangle marked on the button just press this button for 3-4 seconds untill orange lights appears then leave your printer and restart it. It is not as complex as you feel to reset your Canon printer in factory settings (hard reset). Therefore it is recommended to follow the instructions below carefully to avoid any problem while resetting your printer;

  • Ensure that you first and foremost turn on your Canon printer. Drag-and-drop to the menu.
  • Then, to configure the menu, the directional arrows must be accessed.
  • Then you should browse the settings of your device and click ‘OK.’
  • The reset choices will be shown. Make sure you click ‘OK’ to start resetting!

Canon’s reset process is pretty straightforward. Select the button Stop on the printer control panel. Hold it a few seconds by pressing the Stop button. Do not release it unless the Alarm Orange is 21 times blinkered.

How to Reset Canon Printer after Refill Ink?

  • Press on the front of the printer with the “Menu button” button.
  • Use the “Setup Menu” arrow button and choose “OK.”
  • Select “Device Settings” using the arrow buttons and select “OK.”
  • Choose “Configures” and “OK”

This restarts your Canon to the settings of the factory.

Resetting a Canon to the default factory configuration is a solid answer to the fearful B200 warning, troubling Canon owners. This procedure is used to reset the printer and other variants of the Canon Pixma MX922.

Canon Printer Hard Reset

Sometimes Canon printers give you an odd error message. A hard reset is the quickest approach to get rid of it.

How Do I Hard Reset a Canon Printer?

  • Download the printer.
  • Press and hold down the stop button.
  • Untie the button. Release.
  • Click five times in a row on the Start button.
  • Get the button off
  • Give a few seconds for your Canon to reset.

You can reset Canon printer in factory settings and reset the Canon Printer ink cartridge by following the earlier procedures. Call Canon support to chat with our professional experts by dialling canon customer service phone numbers if you require any assistance. With Canon Printer Reset Software, you can quickly reset your Canon Printer and use the technology to your best advantage.


Indeed, thanks to excellent services and distinctive features, Canon printers continue to control the hearts of users. In addition, a few problems are pretty acceptable with any mechanical equipment. The reset of your Canon printer can nevertheless rapidly resolve some issues, but you need to guarantee the reset is carried out as stated in this tutorial.

We hope you reset your Canon printers in no time with this post!