Download & Add Apps on Vizio Smart TV

Without downloading and installing apps, smart TVs are of no use. We will teach you how to download and install on Vizio tv under this article. Smart TV lovers buy smart TV to watch regular cable channels and enjoy different entertaining apps while sitting at their homes. Earlier, Vizio TV offers additional features which allow users to control their TV content via Tablet and Smartphone. Later, Vizio smart TV platform was relaunched that has an in-built limited number of apps for users. Still, the latest Vizio TV’s are out of the best smart TV available in the market that enables users to add hundreds of apps for a long time. Vizio is a famous smart TV manufacturer. It provides their customers HD ready to UltraHD smart TVs that includes a tremendous smart app store that helps people download and stream the latest apps, movies, and videos.

Vizio Tv evolution

  • Vizio VIA & VIA Plus TVs were released in 2017 and enable users to download the app from the committed Vizio Connected TV stores.
  • VIZIO Smart Cast HD TVs were available between the years 2016 to 2017. It doesn’t include any in-built apps, and also, users were not allowed to install any app. The only way to enjoy externals apps is through the Screen casting process.
  • VIZIO Smart Cast 4K UHD TVs were also introduced in the year 2016-2017. In 2018 installation of external apps was prohibited. Users can enjoy only the in-built apps or can use the screen cast from their Android or Apple Smartphone’s.

You can install apps using the Vizio internet apps (plus) platform if you don’t have the V button available on the remote. Instead of the V button, users can use the Home button for the same features.

  • Confirm your Vizio TV has an internet connection enabled.
  • Now, press the home button twice on your Vizio TV remote.
  • You will now see a display showing you a pre-installed app on your TV screen. It will include categories like My Apps, Features, Latest, and All Apps.
  • Now keep on browsing within these different categories to find out your valuable app.
  • Once you find the worthy app, you can install it by selecting and then holding the OK button for confirmation. Hold the OK button till the app gets to install and start highlighting in my apps folder.

How to download new apps on Vizio smart tv

One can easily download and can learn the process of how to download apps on new Vizio tv. You will need a flash USB drive to complete the process

  • You should first find the trustworthy APK file of the required app.
  • Download this file safely and copy it to your USB drive.
  • Now, Plug this USB into the smart TV USB port.
  • Open the folder ‘my files app’ and now open the USB flash drive.
  • Find the copy of apk file and select it.
  • Now, confirm Installation by clicking the install button.
  • The installation process begins here.
  • Now go to ‘settings.
  • Select the options applications here.
  • After it clicks on ‘manage installed application’.
  • Here, search for the installed app via apk file from the flash drive.
  • Now, click and launch the application.

How to download apps on Vizio smart cast tv

Smartcast Tv provides the user to run from a list of core apps pre-installed on the Vizio TV. You can enjoy them but can also access additional apps and can run them on your TV display. The only option to add different apps is to add them to your Smartphone; you can display them on TV. You need to take the help of a Chromecast device to cast them on your TV from your Smartphone.

  • Visit your Smartphone, Google Play Store, or Apple App Store.
  • Search and select the app that is Chromecast-enable.
  • Select and confirm Installation.
  • To start casting the installed app, Open it and tap the Chromecast Logo displaying on your Smartphone screen.
  • Now, your app will start running on your Vizio TV.

Wrapping Up:

Before purchasing Vizio TV, please ensure which Vizio TV lets you install apps and which one doesn’t.  Vizio TV makers are elegant in their big-screen manufacturing, and the percentage of people owning Vizio TV is very high. The flexibility of the screen casting system and default in-built necessary apps enables users to enjoy the entire streaming library on their Vizio TV.