What are the default username and password for xfinity router

In recent times, Xfinity has been able to configure its router service. If you’ve been considering this beautifully designed router company, we’ve got some useful information for you. Here’s a simple method to logging into your Xfinity router and accessing the admin panel to change settings such as your SSID or existing password. We’ll show you how to secure your router in a matter of seconds. With our technical instructions below, we’ll help you avoid panic. As immediately as your device is plugged in, follow the instructions underneath to log in to the webpage.

Comcast Xfinity has been one of the country’s largest internet service providers. They offer their routers in addition to their internet subscriptions. When you do not have a stand-alone router, then you can hire one of these.

Consumers are permitted to utilize routers from other manufacturers. Netgear, Motorola Arris, as well as Xfinity routers are some of the other leading names in this area. When you sign up for an internet package, you’ll receive the Xfinity Wireless Gateway 3.

The default username and password for the Xfinity router 

Here in this section, we will learn how to log in with the default credentials. Follow the given below steps – 

Step 1 – the very first step to log in to the Xfinity router is, to connect your desired device to the router. Try to use a wired connection for better results when you are using laptops. 

Step 2 – then after connecting the device you have to open any browser from your device and type the router’s IP address. You will get the IP address of your router at the bottom of the device. You can even use the Infinity router default password 

Step 3 – In case if the given IP address does not work then you can use your Xfinity default router password and username to get yourself logged in to the official page. Use ADMIN as the username and PASSWORD as the password. If you have already registered yourself then you can use your personalized log-in credentials. 

Step 4 – Now all you need to do is click on the login option. As you hit the login button you will see the router’s web admin homepage on your screen. Make sure to try again if you failed to log in on the 1st chance. 

Step 5 – if you are still facing a problem in login then your device may be hacked by someone. 

The Xfinity router admin may be accessed via or, much as other wired and wireless routers. You may use the ‘intelligent setup wizard or other routers settings data about your network and internet connectivity from there. 

How can you set up your Xfinity router device? 

Here’s how to update your Xfinity router default admin password and username to avoid being a victim of data theft and fraud:

Step 1 – Link your router machine to your device. While configuring the router, it is mainly suggested that you utilize a wired connection. As a result, double-check your ethernet wire.

Step 2 –  Now log in to the routing device web browser utilizing the generic or your personalized login credentials on your desired browser once connected. 

Step 3 – If you’re having trouble logging in, try using the standard router login credentials.

Step 4 – Now click the Wizard on the website of your router. This will take you to the password-changing screen for the router administrator.

Step 5 – By inputting the past and present passwords, you may immediately update your administrator password. But keep in mind to make your password strong.

How to Reset Passwords

You may need to reset the router due to certain reasons. These are some of the reasons:

  • If you’ve forgotten your Infinity default login router password and username, don’t worry.
  • The default password or username for the router has been hacked. 
  • Error 2123with the router.

You do not need to be concerned because you can effectively solve these issues. 

To reset the Xfinity router, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Check the backside of your router device you will find a small little button.

Step 2 – To push, search for a straight, thin item. The point of a paper clip or even a hairpin can be used.

Step 3 – For approximately 15-20 seconds, hold the button. During this time, the LED indicators will blink.


So this was all about today’s topic. In this post, you will get to know how you can log in yourself by using the default password and username. We have also mentioned some important steps like how to set up your router and how you can reset the credentials. Make sure to follow the steps carefully while performing any task. 

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