Why does my Windows computer keep restarting?

The most annoying problem for an inexperienced user of Windows is the reboot issue. The essence of the problem lies in the fact that the user cannot usually work on the computer, play games, watch videos or visit social networks due to the constant restart of the operating system. 

Please note that the main reason for this phenomenon may be the trivial loss of essential files from the system. This is caused by the user or viruses, although the latter does not appear in the system independently. For the system to work again, you need to run a system restore or reinstall it. Here’s how to fix the windows 10 computer that keeps restarting and prevents it from crashing again.

How to fix a computer that keeps restarting

There are several ways to fix the restart window based on the real cause of the problem.

Section 1: Open your Computer Windows in Safe Mode

It is an easy way that fixes the repeated restart of Windows 10. When you are stuck in the Windows restart loop, you can temporarily enter safe mode to circumvent this problem.

  • Remove the external drives.

Remove the external HDD from the computer. You have to press the F8, i.e., function eight key, from your keyboard when you can see the window’s logo in the booting process.

  • Windows in Safe Mode with restart

It would help if you kept pressing the F8 key from the keyboard unless the Options menu of Advanced Boot does not appear. Now you have to choose the option of Safe Mode to start your Windows. 

Section 2: Disable the Auto Restart feature for computer keeps restarting on boot

You can manually disable related features. Therefore, the next time the system error occurs, the Windows computer will not restart continuously. In other words, Windows 10 does not constantly reboot during installation or in other cases.

  • Step 1 Open System Properties and Access it.

Type the code in the Run command System. Then one has to press OK to exit the window. Another popup window System Properties will appear.

  • Step 2 Disable the auto-restart function.

If you’re still having trouble with the computer, keep rebooting, and look for the advanced option. Now you need to click on Settings. Then choose the Startup and Recovery partition. Next, look for the system error.

Disable auto restart

You have to select the option Write an event in the System log segment. It automatically starts logging all issues. Finally, now click OK to apply and save the change.

If you encounter other Windows errors, such as Windows not loading correctly, you may need this post to fix the problem.

Helpful Tips to Fix Computers Randomly

 Incorrect hardware operations can also cause Windows to restart constantly.

1. Take a look at the RAM

You need to check the entered RAM manually. Remove the RAM from its slot. Clean it well. Later, you can reinsert the RAM into your Windows computer to check it out.

2. Check for hardware problems

When you constantly restart your computer in Windows 7, Windows 10, or other systems, you need to disconnect the connected external devices one by one.

Update all drivers

Outdated or missing drivers can cause problems restarting Windows. 

Performing a BIOS update for your computer will restart Windows 10

Updating the BIOS can fix your computer restarting at startup for no reason. You can also update BIOS to remove Windows errors like Windows Blue Screen Bad_Pool_Header, Green Screen of Death, and WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. After performing all the necessary checks, you should open a command prompt with administrator privileges and type shutdown /r/ or /f/t 0 to return to the advanced boot menu and return to safe mode. At this point, you can restart the Msconfig utility and choose a normal boot.

You’ll fix it in later access when you hit the start button and sign in with an administrator account without the newly created password. Do. Then press ALT + F4 and select Sign out to continue with the other version.

  • Try uninstalling the latest update to keep your computer shutting down and restarting.

If you see Windows 10 restart loop after installing the latest Microsoft monthly update, please restart from the advanced start menu above and then troubleshoot advanced options; You can select Uninstall updates > Uninstall.

  • The latest quality update for your Windows 10 PC keeps restarting

On the other hand, if you have installed a Windows 10 feature update, you can follow the same path by uninstalling the latest feature update. You can solve the computer keeps restarting problem using these steps. 

  • If the computer keeps restarting at startup

You can also perform all operations using the advanced Windows 10 Start menu, such as Windows installation media created with another system (using Media Creation Tool or Rufus).

Some suggest using the advanced boot menu to restore the registry backup located in the %systemroot%\system32\config\RegBack folder. Unfortunately, Windows 10 no longer creates registry backups by default, so the default folder is empty. Unless you explicitly request the creation

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