hp laptop 3f0 device not found

If your computer shows the error message “No boot device,” calm down, this article explains how to fix the problem. Many of the annoying errors that you will find on your laptop or desktop leave messages with codes for you to decode.

What is the 3F0 error on HP PC mean?

Fortunately, some of them are quite simple, as the error message “ HP Boot Device Not Found Error” on startup, followed by the command prompt. The system has gone through the initial BIOS boot process of the system. When the operating system starts to load normally, a black screen appears, possibly a blinking white indicator. Have you experienced a 3F0 hard drive error on your HP laptop or desktop computer? It simply implies that your system cannot connect to your hard drive. 

There are many different hard drive error codes, such as HP 3F0 Error, all of which have slightly different meanings. In general, having an incorrect BIOS boot sequence, the hard drive not being properly connected to the boot sector, or partition viruses.

Why is my HP Computer Boot Device Not Found Error Displays

As mentioned earlier, the “No boot device” error occurs when your computer cannot find a boot sector. However, understand exactly what the No boot device found error means. The motherboard checks the hardware identification of the encrypted storage device with details such as the manufacturer, model, storage capacity, storage speed, interface connection, and transmission data. 

A priority list of all storage devices that are connected to the PC is maintained in The motherboard. This is called the start sequence or start command. The first device that can identify itself as a bootable device is the device you will be booting your computer from.

1. the hard disk’s boot sector and partition with OS (operating system) will appear as a blank disk. However, it does make sense that all your data will remain on the device, but the navigation beacons that point to it no longer exist.

2. Your hard disk is disabled. Hard drives typically last five to ten years before they fail, although their life span depends on the workload and stress they are exposed to. If you experience any kind of strange clicking sounds from your hard drive, just disconnect it immediately.

3. The SATA / IDE cable that connects the hard disk to the motherboard is loose or does not work. In practice, this is very rare. You can also test SATA cables with a 0.1% chance of fixing “No Boot Device” issues.

How to run the Hard Disk Test in HP System Diagnostics

If your internal hard drive has some disk errors, you might get a “No boot device” error while starting Windows. CHKDSK.exe tool will allow you to check the HP 3F0 Error status.

Now go to the Command Prompt window and give the “chkdsk c: / f / x / r” command. This command checks for errors in drive C (usually Windows installed on the drive) and repairs them if possible.

How to fix bugs in Windows?

Now, try the methods mentioned below to see if the “No boot device” error can be fixed.

Remove and reconnect all hardware components.

At first, you can shut down your computer completely, remove all devices, and then restart them properly. 

Reset primary partition as active

If you are using Windows, you can click on Troubleshoot and then Command Prompt. If you are using the Windows 7 installation DVD, select the first option, Windows 7, and click Next on the System Restore Settings screen. Then select Command Prompt and give the commands shown below sequence wise and press Enter.

  • Lid disc
  • Select disk 0. 0 is the system hard disk number.
  • Partition list
  • You have to choose the disk partition 1: 1 represents that partition number on your system.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix HP 3F0 Error

If the boot information is corrupted by vulnerabilities such as power outage, virus attack, or bad sectors, the error message “No boot device” will appear. You can use command prompt commands to repair or rebuild this important information. Now open the Command Prompt window and run the commands shown below sequence-wise.

  • Bootrec / fixmbr
  • Bootrec / fixboor
  • Bootrec / scanos
  • Bootrec / renbcd

You can first create Windows bootable media, then boot your computer and resolve the “ HP Boot Device Not Found Error.

Step 1: Insert a blank USB drive in your system’s USB holder and download AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard to your system. 

Correct startup information

You can connect a bootable USB drive to the computer that displayed the error. The AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard’s main interface will appear after you log in. You can now rebuild the MBR in three steps:

  • Step 1: Right-click on your system hard drive and select Rebuild MBR.
  • Step 2: Now, for your operating system, choose an appropriate MBR type and click on the OK option.
  • Step 3: Click Apply to continue checking for pending actions.

This free program allows you to check the status of your system disk.

  • Right-click on the system disk.
  • Select Surface Test.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

In addition, the AOMEI Partition Assistant standard also supports partition scanning and repair. Choose Advanced> Scan Partition by right-clicking your system hard drive.