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When Does Union Square Residences Condo Hold Board Meetings?

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Union Square Residences Condo typically holds board meetings on a regular basis to address governance matters, discuss community issues, and make decisions related to the management and operation of the condominium association. The frequency and scheduling of board meetings may vary depending on the needs of the association, governing documents, and state laws. Here are some common considerations regarding board meetings at Union Square Residences Condo:

1. Regular Schedule:

The condo association may establish a regular schedule for board meetings, such as monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, to ensure consistent communication and oversight of association affairs. Regularly scheduled board meetings provide opportunities for board members to address ongoing business, review financial reports, and address community concerns.

2. Notice Requirements:

The condo association typically provides advance notice of board meetings to board members, unit owners, and other stakeholders in accordance with state laws and governing documents. Notice requirements may specify the time, date, location, and agenda items for the meeting, allowing attendees to prepare and participate effectively.

3. Open Meetings:

Board meetings at Union Square Residences Condo may be open to unit owners, residents, and other interested parties, subject to state laws and governing documents. Open meetings provide transparency, accountability, and opportunities for community engagement, allowing stakeholders to observe proceedings and provide input on relevant issues.

4. Executive Sessions:

In addition to open meetings, the board may convene executive sessions to discuss sensitive or confidential matters, such as legal issues, personnel matters, contract negotiations, or delinquency proceedings. Executive sessions are typically closed to non-board members to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

5. Quorum Requirements:

Board meetings require a quorum, or minimum number of board members, to be present in order to conduct official business and make decisions. Quorum requirements are typically defined in the condo association’s bylaws or governing documents and must be met for meetings to proceed.

6. Meeting Minutes:

The condo association keeps accurate and detailed minutes of board meetings, documenting discussions, decisions, actions taken, and voting results. Meeting minutes serve as official records of association proceedings and are made available to board members, unit owners, and other interested parties upon request.

7. Special Meetings:

In addition to regular board meetings, special meetings may be convened as needed to address urgent or time-sensitive matters requiring immediate attention. Special meetings may be called by the board president, a majority of board members, or a specified number of unit owners in accordance with governing documents.


Union Square Residences Condo holds board meetings on a regular basis, typically following a predetermined schedule and adhering to notice requirements, open meeting policies, quorum requirements, and meeting minute protocols. By conducting transparent and efficient board meetings, the condo association promotes effective governance, communication, and decision-making for the benefit of the community.

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